Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Panahon Ng Pag-Ibig

Let's celebrate love.

* * * *

I found the almost perfect guy. He's cute. And has the nicest body ever (my God, I so love looking at his broad shoulders and touching his hard biceps). So smart. And talented. He plays a mean guitar and has the smoothest voice. The problem is...HE'S MY COUSIN!!! And everytime I'd look at him I have to remind myself over and over and over again that "HAILIE NO!!!! KASALANANG MALUPIT!!!"
Sana may me-meet pa akong tulad niya...at sana this time around hindi ko na siya pinsan. Wahaha!!!

* * * *

Current love status: Still single but really happy. Someone's keeping a smile on my face thse days (and thank God he's not my cousin). ^__^

Wednesday, February 15, 2006


I'M IT (tagged by Annabs)
*CAUTION: Extreme cheesiness ahead.*

1. Someone who's going to make me laugh really, really hard...'yung tipong lumabas na 'yung ngala-ngala ko sa kakatawa.
2. Someone's who's gonna think I'm still cute even with my ngala-ngala out.
3. Someone I can talk to...tipong we'll be debating about anything and anything without necessarily arguing.
4. Someone I can be quiet with...we can not talk for hours yet still know what the other person is thinking.
5. Street smart. Not necessarily book intelligent...basta itapon mo siya sa kahit saan and he'll know how to survive.
6. Someone whom I'll feel safe with...'yung mere presence niya will make me feel as if nothing can touch me...
7. A really sweet boy hiding behind a bad boy attitude.
8. Someone who can surprise me even 3 years down the line.
* * * *
Hehe...I've been wanting to do this for a long time now. And I still can't believe I'm posting a new entry. Haha!
Anyways, I'm currently in Bicol. We celebrated our great grandma's 88th birthday last Saturday. We were so excited when we were told that we'll be going to Bicol. But the excitement ended on the bus trip. Because the moment we arrived here, we were put ynder my lola's iron hands. My God...it's like second coming of Martial Law!!! We can't even go the nearest sari-sari store without telling her. It's suffocating. Case in point: It's already 12:oomn. We were all gathered at my lola-sa-tuhod's place. All the matatanda were having fun drinking Fundador (or is it Emperador?) and we (my cousin and I) were already sleepy. So we made our goodbyes. And guess what she told us? "Saan kayo pupunta? Baka kung saan-saan pa kayo gumala, ha. Diretso na sa bahay." And I wanted to answer, "Hello? Sa ganitong oras saan kami pupunta? And as if naman may pupuntahan kami dito 'no? Puro talahiban ang nasa paligid!!!" And just now, we set a date with our COUSIN so he can take us pasalubong shopping before we leave for Manila tomorrow. At muntik kaming hindi payagan! Kasi daw baka may mga kabarkadang lalaki 'yung pinsan namin na sumabit sa lakad. Waaah...can a girl get pregnant by a mere handshake? Hindi naman 'di ba? Honestly, I'm so glad I'll be back in Manila tomorrow...
* * * *
Belated HAPPY SINGLES' AWARENESS DAY to all happy people like me!
Speking of Valentine's 2006, I just have to say it was such a memorable one. Haha! Since we were bored to death, we decided to watch what was advertised as a "Valentine Show and Celebrity Launch" featuring Emil of Viva Records, Anna Meyer, and the hot, hot, hot ( I swear this was how they were introduced...always) Danztruck. Who the hell were these guys? We alsohad no idea. But what the heck, we decided to be jologs all we want. And buti na lang 'yung Php20 na admission fee ay hindi nanggaling sa sarilikong bulsa kung hindi, napalupasaya ako sa asar. It sucked! The program sucked. The host sucked. The singers and their voices sucked. The Danztrick were...you guessed it, sucked. But at least, hindi kami nagmukmok sa bahay! And honestly, memorable 'tong Valentines na 'to for its mere KAJOLOGAN! Hehe.